In my work I explore relationships; the relationship between material, shape, color, gesture and mark-making. These formal explorations potentially speak to relationships with self, each other, and what we call reality. Traditional notions of collage & craft, alternative bookmaking, sculpture, and design merge. My aim is for the process of making to be evident at the surface, the repetitive action of my hand apparent. Works reflect through-lines of self, contain the drift and accumulation of time, construct sacred space, bind future and past. Works exist as mementos, recordings, or totems. My job is to activate the materials of memory, divining new runes and visual emergency response. I am constantly zooming in and out of visual micro and macrocosms. Maximalist tendencies and minimalist desires are strategically negotiated with each action. I seek the tension between blithe rhythms and decay, connected to a lineage of queered and coded abstract language. Visual poems point to the in-between spaces and places, and what is learned there. Ephemeral and continually repurposed, these are reflective chronicles of emotional expenditure. My artwork is evidence of existence; vestiges of what was, projections of what may be.



Originally from West Virginia, Craig Deppen Auge is currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. He has exhibited work in solo and group shows throughout the U.S., including The Billboard Creative Q1 Show in Los Angeles, and locally at Kiosk Gallery. He has participated in numerous collaborative projects, including New York-based Satellite Collective’s Telephone: An International Arts Experiment. His art has been featured in several print and digital publications including Art Yellow Book #2, Gambling the Aisle, Blacklist Journal and The Hand Magazine. He is a 2019-20 Charlotte Street Foundation Studio Resident. 

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